How do you handle larger kids divisions? How many matches will my child have?

All Youth divisions (younger than 16-years-old) are Round Robin, generally meaning that everyone fights everyone. However, there are caveats depending on size of the division.

  1. Divisions with more than eight (8) children will be split and treated as entirely separate divisions (each with their own gold, silver, bronze medalists) to ensure no division is larger than (7) children. 
  2. Divisions with six (6) or seven (7) children will use a Round Robin format with a MAXIMUM of 4 matches. Thus, not all competitors will fight each other. If two competitors end their division 4-0, an additional match will be created to determine 1st and 2nd placement.
  3. Divisions with three (3) – five (5) children will use a traditional round-robin format where everyone fights everyone and placement is determined by our tiebreaker set (primarily number of wins then method of win)
  4. Divisions with two (2) children will be best two-out-of-three

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