What are your division formats? Single elimination? Round robin?

Adult Divisions

For Adult divisions, we generally use single-elimination. We do offer third-place matches, however we reserve the right to award double-bronze if the size of a tournament deems it necessary.

When time allows, we may offer Round Robin to all competitors, including adults (kids are always Round Robin). This is solely at our discretion and will be announced prior to the tournament.

  1. Divisions with two (2) competitors will be best two-out-of-three.
  2. Divisions with three (3) competitors will use a round-robin format using the tie-breakers listed in the “Tie Breakers” section.
  3. Divisions of (4) or more are SINGLE ELIMINATION for adults unless otherwise stated on the tournament website.

Kids Divisions

For Kids/Teens (4-15) divisions, we use a variety of formats to ensure that our kids are getting enough matches without giving them too many. It’s a fine line we have to walk to ensure that parents and coaches feel their kids are getting enough experience without wearing them out. Tournaments and divisions can vary greatly in size, so we reserve the right to use whichever format we feel is most prudent. It’s not a perfect science, but please understand we are doing our best.

Kids divisions will often combine White and Grey belts together as well as all Colored belts (Yellow, Orange, Green) together.

All kids divisions are MIXED GENDER, meaning girls will fight boys.

  • Divisions with six (6) or more children will use multiple different formats including split round-robin, split round-robin with a semi-finals and/or finals, or a double elimination format—multiple factors go into determining which format will be used including (but not limited to) age, experience level, and tournament size
  • Divisions with three (3) – five (5) children will use a round-robin format
  • Divisions with two (2) children will be best two-out-of-three

Whichever the format, the ring coordinator will make it clear (to the best of their ability) which type is being used prior to the start of the division. We urge competitors NOT to leave the ring area until they have checked in with the ring coordinator to ensure they’re done.

When a child is alone in their division, we will move them to another division to ensure they get matches. Any movement will be discussed with a parent and/or coach. We will never move a child without a parent or coach’s consent.

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