What are your rules?

We follow International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation Rules for ALL divisions. Please see our Rules & Regulations page for more detail on what is and is not allowed >> https://tapcancerout.org/tournament-rules-regulations/

You can download / view the IBJJF rulebook here.

As is a common question, this DOES mean that submissions ARE allowed at ALL ages.

Tap Cancer Out Rule Differentiations

Rashguards are OPTIONAL for all competitors. Spats / Leggings under the Gi pants, however, are NOT allowed.

You may wear any Gi color you'd like, as long as the top and bottom match.

All athletes 15 and under as well as all White and Blue Belts (16 and over) will NOT be disqualified for certain (but not all) illegal moves of a positional nature (ex: knee reap) that do NOT result in an immediate tap/submission unless the foul was flagrant or caused opponent unable to continue match. However, they will be penalized.

Also, a fourth infraction of serious fouls (such as pulling guard without grip and stalling) for the aforementioned divisions would concede two points to an opponent for each infraction, as would each subsequent infraction. Illegal moves and serious fouls are stated in the IBJJF rules manual linked above.

In YOUTH divisions (15 and under), Tap Cancer Out referees have the discretion to warn competitors in advance that they are about to apply an illegal submission hold in order to help prevent disqualification and injury. However, if they do not warn a competitor and an illegal submission is applied, that competitor may be disqualified.

If ANY competitor, regardless of age/rank, uses an illegal move which results in a submission / tap, that competitor will be disqualified from that match (they may continue to compete if it is Round Robin or if they have an additional third-place match in a Single Elimination bracket).

Purple, Brown, and Black belts are still subject to disqualification as stated in the IBJJF rulebook.

You can download / view the IBJJF rulebook here.

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