What are your tie-breakers for Round Robin divisions?

An inevitability of round-robin is that there will be varied records. Sometimes it will be simple, with first place going undefeated, second place having one loss, etc. However, there are many times where that’s not the case, so we have to break the ties in records in some manner. This is the way we have chosen.

Below is the hierarchy of tie-breakers to determine the results in a pool of competitors or in the rare case of a round robin format for adults (typically divisions of 3).

  1. Overall record
  2. Head-to-head record
  3. # of wins by submission
  4. # of wins by points
  5. # of wins by advantages
  6. # of wins by referee decision
  7. # of wins by opponent disqualification
  8. # of wins by forfeit or walkover
  9. Fastest submission (across all victories)
  10. Most points (across all victories)

We will award multiple third-place medals for competitors under 16-years old (as many as those who tie for third in terms of record). These tie-breakers will be used to specifically have one first-place and one second-place competitor.

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