How do the Perks work?

The great thing about fundraising for Tap Cancer Out is that you not only get to make an impact in the fight against cancer, but you can also earn some great rewards along the way too. Truly a win/win!

The perks you earn are determined by how much you raise on your individual fundraising page (Not a team page, even if that team page is a group of family members). The perk levels are listed on the tournament homepage. They change often so we can’t list them here. We’ll have a list of who earned what perk(s) at the tournament, and you can pick up the rewards you’ve earned at the tournament (typically the merchandise table).

The more you raise, the more perks you get! If you fail to reach the first perk level, which is free entry to the tournament, you’ll simply pay the entry fee when you arrive.

If you've paid an entry fee and ultimately fundraise enough to earn free entry, we'll refund your entry fee (after the tournament concludes).

Pro Tip: If the registration fee is MORE than the difference between how much you’ve fundraised and $250 (the minimum for free entry), simply make a donation to your page to put you over the $250 mark.

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